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The Ventofor Combi-pack box, which we have participated in the European Carton Excellence Award competition organized by ECMA (European Cartonboard Makers Association) with, was presented to both Pharmaceutical and Healthcare companies at the gala night held in Salzburg, Australia, on September 21, which we conducted with Bilim Pharmaceuticals. It is a design development project that has proven its success on an international platform by receiving a total of 2 first prizes in the jury selection in the Services category and in the public voting among all categories. In addition to winning 2 grand prizes in the European Carton Excellence Award competition, which we participated in for the first time, and breaking new ground in ECMA history, we were also proud to successfully represent our country in such a prestigious competition. 

The box contains two separate blisters of different milligrams and an inhaler. For this reason, the box is opened and closed by the end user several times a day. After analysis in line with Bilim Pharmaceuticals' existing lean production principles, it was decided that changes should be made in the structural features of the box and the type of cardboard used. Choosing a cardboard with a suitable structure has been one of the most important factors to prevent the box from deforming due to the need for multiple uses. 295 gr/m2 Carta Solida cardboard was used for strength and durability.2 Carta Solida karton kullanılmıştır.

After selecting the carton and examining the structural features of the box, plastic separators and labels used to separate the drugs were eliminated, saving material and packaging labor. By preventing plastic waste, we contributed to the protection of the environment. The cardboard separator shape inside the box has been created in a structure that will show the placement of the products and prevent them from mixing with each other, and will prevent deformation in the box and the products due to the absence of unnecessary gaps. According to this design, the separator is attached to the cardboard box in a single cutting machine and the box is automatically glued on the machine. 

2017 – ECMA – European Carton Makers Associations