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Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision : Being a leader and pioneer establishment by rendering service as an expedient corporation for carton packaging sector and national economy.

Our Mission : Adopting success and development as a principle thanks to its customer-focused management understanding build upon constant improvement of production and service quality and rendering most qualified service and products for affordable price and in shortest time by obtaining work efficiency thanks to its well-educated technical expert staff, appropriate production methods and cutting-edge technology and resources utilization.

Our Values:


Acting respectful to humanity, environment, society, regulations and our profession according to ethical values is the basic priority of our corporation. Our entire staff are treated honest, fair and responsible.

Customer-focused Management

Sense of mission in Lithosan is not to be restricted by production. We also offer besides performing best and the most affordable production of needed products in the shortest time by showing the maximum performance within the bounds of possibility, guiding, informing our customer about printery business, creating solutions by fundamentally understanding his/her demands and embracing his/her problems. Within this context; we evaluate the solutions not only as mission but also an opportunity to improve relations between our customers. Thanks to contribution of our quality management staff who evaluate the products through the eyes of customer, customer satisfaction which is the milestone of our work ethic has been constantly improving. After product delivery, our relations with customers continue. Necessary correctional and preventive measures are taken by evaluating customer expectations, demands, suggestions and complaints and new arrangements, recoveries and investments plan are made.

Quality Awareness

Our value continues to grow as much as our products and services are approved to be good quality by the customer. For this reason, our management understanding prioritise constant improvement and betterment of entire activities by continuously revising the all units of production and management.

Within the frame of quality system consisted of safe standarts, all findings are recorded and tracked by ERP system from the selection of used raw material to final phase of production. Sustainability of quality is provided by preventing the failures and failure duplications with preventive approach. Thanks to wastefullness prevention, efficiency enhancement, cost reduction, operation time shortening, continuous quality enhancement programs performed for improvement of corporate organization and statistical operations done for constant improvement and recovery, performance evaluations, selection of appropriate production methods, technology follow-up, technical knowledge background, well-educated and expert staff have been enhancing the sustainability of our production and management quality.

Team Work :

Our business system supports teamwork, mutual commitment, expertise and knowledge sharing alongwith effective interaction and makes that permanent by creating environment of confidence.