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Quality Assurance

‘’Quality is a natural result of our organized activities based on an expert staff and discipline.’’


Success in production depends not solely on quality, but also on reliability and the ability to offer complete services. Using our expertly trained staff, we have adopted achievement and development based on the concepts of continuous enhancement, productivity, the best selections of production methods and technologies with a highly experienced quality assurance department. This earned us the ISO 9001 certification in 1990 by DNV and in 2003 our quality management system, the ISO 9001/2000 version has been certified by TUV. Our recently updated ISO 9001/2008 by TUV assures the satisfaction of the customer profile by fulfilling their expectations in terms of quality in service. We continue to gather the most effective methods in administration in order to provide our system in quality management.

Our quality control system developed a reliable standarts criteria, that is applied at each stage of the production process, beginning with the selection of raw materials. With our quality control applications we can better ensure the prevention of defects. Periodical maintenance of production machinery is recorded to prevent potential machine related defects.

Our corporate organization is also improved by our reliable standarts. We employ statistical studies with ERP system and ensure labor efficiency as well as utilization of training, and performance appraisals that includes job specific studies as a criteria for advancement.